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"Immediate and professional medical assessment, combined with genuine human concern expressed by all individuals who cared for me, was the Trauma Center’s prescription for alleviating my fears and healing my pain. During the entire time I was being treated, the same concern was extended to my family who received continuous information concerning my condition.”

Al Antonello
“I am just two weeks post-op and I want to go back to work!”

Anita Lee
Cuando iba a surgia tenia miedo. Pero toda las personas que trataron conmigo eran bien cortes y respetuoso. Lo mas importante para mi es que estoy recuperando mejor de lo que yo esperaba.

David Reyes
"I never thought it would happen to me where I would need the services provided by CMC’s Trauma Center. The thought of not having a center in our region is not an option. The excellent and immediate critical care I received for my injuries has given me the opportunity to continue to watch my children grow up.”

Deborah Messett
“My mom was 78 years old when she had her open heart surgery. (Since then) she has been blessed with six great-grandchildren, has attended family weddings, and has experienced many happy times in the last ten years.”

Ellen & Russell Barrett
“I am 85 years old and a WW II veteran. Thank goodness CMC and the nurses on the 8th floor do such a good job taking care of us youngsters.”

George Fricovsky
Dr. stahl is a miracle worker! If you ever need heart surgery, go to him.

Joyce Maddi
“This is my son, Paul. I never could have imagined that his life could end. When he was accidentally shot, my mother’s prayer was that the right people would be there to save him. Well, right here in Scranton there are some good doctors, no – GREAT doctors. If the trauma team was not there, my son would have died that day in December. I am told that people with this type of injury do not survive. There were four surgeons and an entire team that were ready for him when minutes mattered, right here in Scranton. He has fully recovered and can’t wait to get his driver’s permit and join the gym. I do believe that God works through these talented people."

Mari Walker
I was admited as a patient of Dr. Schmaltz for dual knee replacements on 8/18/11. The care I received by Dr. Schmaltz, his assistants, PT's and the nursing staff on 5th was outstanding. The nursing staff are very proficient ,"tops", in taking care of their orthopedic patients. Dr. Schmaltz's entire staff is operated like a very well "oiled machine" and I received top drawer care by all. I thought you would like to know of my positive experience as a patient of Dr. Schmaltz and the CMC staff.

Pat Sulla
"The Trauma Center literally saved my life.”

Sabina Ehrenhardt