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The Emergency Department at G-CMC


The Emergency Department at CMC

The Emergency Department at G-CMC provides the community with prompt emergency/medical care on a 24-hour basis.

    Scope of Care Provided

    The scope of the Emergency Department is comprehensive. It involves the assessment, analysis, diagnosis, outcome identification, planning, implementation of interventions and evaluation of human responses to perceived, actual or potential, sudden or urgent, physical or psychosocial problems that are primarily episodic or acute and which occur in variety of settings.

    Emergency patients are of all ages with diagnosed or undiagnosed problems of varying complexity, with requires interaction with individuals as well as families. Emergency practice is independent and collaborative in nature.

    Emergency Department patients are initially triaged to determine their acuity level and prioritize their need to be seen by an detergency Department Physician. The RN oversees the multidisciplinary team. An RN performs a compliant-based assessment and patient’s needs are identified The Emergency Department physician or attending physician evaluates the patients and diagnostic testing and treatment required based on patient needs. Emergency patients are evaluated for response to treatment and admitted to the hospital or discharged and follow up instructions as appropriate.

    The Emergency Department intervention includes recognition and proper diagnosis and management of acute mental and physical illness, exacerbation of chronic illness and traumatic injury. Treatment includes resuscitation and intervention of acute processes with the goal of stabilization.

    When emergency patients have complex needs that cannot be met at G-CMC, following stabilization, they are referred to appropriate regional centers, university hospitals or treatment facilities.

    The Emergency Department collaborates with Pinnacle Health Toxicology Center, Scranton Counseling Center for mental health emergencies, local and state police and appropriate agencies, such as Bureau of Children’s Services, Women’s Resource Center and Area Agency on Aging. We also work closely with the Department of Health on reportable incidences.


    G-CMC has 12 Board Certified Emergency Nurses (CEN) on staff and one of them is a Board Certified Critical Care Nurse (CCRN).
    G-CMC’s Emergency Department has 2 of the only Board Certified Pediatric Nurses (CPEN) in the Scranton Area.

    Hours of Operation

    Twenty-four (24 hours of operation, seven (7) days a week.

    Why Us?

    G-CMC is one of 24 hospitals and three mobile surge facilities in northeastern Pennsylvania to have a burn cart containing equipment, supplies and information to care for burn patients in the event of a disaster. The cart allows G-CMC to care for up to three moderately burned patients for three days when transfer to Lehigh Valley Health Network’s Regional Burn Center, the only burn center in the region, is impossible because an overwhelming number of victims are receiving burn care at the facility.

    The carts were designed and constructed by Lehigh Valley Health Network’s Regional Burn Center staff.  Each cart contains an antibacterial dressing (Anticoat) that needs to be applied only once over a 72-hour period, supplies to administer intravenous fluids, equipment to maintain a patient’s airway, gowns and gloves. Also included is an informational binder that contains guidelines to assist caregivers with short-term treatment of burn victims. Everything needed to initiate burn care is available on the carts.   The mobility of the cart allows it to be easily removed from the hospital and transported to the disaster scene if needed.