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Pulmonary & Thoracic

Russ Stahl, MD and Nurse MaryG-CMC’s Pulmonary & Thoracic Division offers a wide range of comprehensive approaches to the diagnosis and treatment of a full range of chest diseases and conditions.

    Pulmonary Laboratory

    Our  Pulmonary Laboratory provides therapeutic and diagnostic services within the G-CMC under licensed medical direction to individuals ranging from the neonate to geriatrics.

    Scope of Care Provided:Pulmonary Lab

    1. Pulmonary Function Study

    • Vital capacity
    • Forced vital capacity
    • Maximum voluntary ventilation
    • Inspiratory flow rates
    • Expiratory flow rates
    • Lung volume
    • Pulmonary diffusing capacity for carbon monoxide
    • Tidal volume
    • Flow volume curve
    • Airway resistance
    • Thoracic gas volume

    2. Pulmonary Exercise TestingCMC Pulmonary Testing
    3. Nutritional Assessment
    4. Bronchoscopy
    5. Arterial Blood Gases
    6. Bronchial Provocation Testing
    7. Aerosol Administration (with and without medication)

    Skill Level of Personnel:

    Pulmonary Lab – Registered Respiratory Therapist who maintains a current Pennsylvania State License and trained to perform the above pulmonary tests.


    Staffing is adjusted to accommodate procedure caseload and procedure case mix.  Staffing requirements are reviewed daily and adjusted as required.

    Guidelines for Practice:

    Guidelines established by the National Association for Respiratory Care along with medical direction for each area act as guidelines for standards of practice.

    Pulmonary Lab Hours of Operation:

    Monday through Friday 8:00 am to 4:30 pm (excluding holidays)

    Thoracic Surgery Department

    Thoracic X-Ray

    Chest X-Ray at CMC Hospital

    Our Thoracic Surgery Department provides advanced surgical treatment for a wide variety of thoracic diseases. Two board-certified thoracic surgeons use comprehensive approaches to the management of benign and malignant diseases of the lung, esophagus and mediastinum. These approaches are combined with modern and innovative surgical techniques in order to provide the most effective and efficient mode of therapy.

    Scope of Care Provided:

    Commonly performed procedures include:


    Our Team of Pulmonary & Thoracic Specialists:

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Where is the Pulmonary Lab?

    It is located on the first floor. You have to pass through the Vascular Lab to enter.

    Who can order a Pulmonary Function Test?

    Any Physician can order a PFT