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Admission Information

Most Insurance Companies require patients to notify them within 24 hours of being admitted to a hospital. In order to fulfill the requirements set forth by your insurance company, please review your insurance card to determine if you must notify your insurance company about your hospital admission.

Note: Failure to notify your insurance company immediately upon admission to the hospital may result in either your benefits being reduced or a financial penalty imposed upon you by your insurance company. Please be advised if your insurance company requires a co-payment or deductible for your hospital services, the hospital will expect this payment at the time of your admission.

To complete the Discharge Process, please stop at the Cashier’s Office on the first floor upon discharge.

Items required:

  • Insurance Cards & co-payment or deductible required
  • Drivers License or valid ID
  • Copy of your Advanced Directive (Living Will)
  • Current list of your Medications
  • Basic Toiletries, Robe & Slippers

Advanced Directive:

If you are 18 or older and mentally competent, you have the right to make decisions about your medical treatment. If you want to control decisions about your health care, even if you are unable to make or express them yourself, you will need an Advance Directive. It is the policy of G-CMC to determine the status of a patient’s Advance Directive upon admission.

You and your doctor have decided that you are going to have a procedure at Geisinger-Community Medical Center.

Prior to your procedure your doctor will wa nt you to have an appointment for Pre-Admission Testing.