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SupportMany times the greatest satisfaction is not derived from concrete objects, but from the spirit of cooperation and giving. At G-CMC, hundreds of volunteers help make a difference at the hospital and in the Community. Volunteers are essential partners in the healthcare delivery team that is dedicated to the art of healing.

We appreciate your interest in helping others, and will work to find an assignment that meets your needs and supports the patients and staff of G-CMC.

G-CMC has volunteer opportunities for you to serve during the day, in the evening and on weekends. A minimum commitment of once a week is preferred, although special assignments and short-term projects are available. We will work with you to establish a schedule that is complementary to your lifestyle and the hospital’s needs.

G-CMC Adult Volunteer Program consists of an elite group of men and women dedicated to fulfilling their potential. They enjoy the fast friendships they’ve formed and the chance to share their skills and knowledge with others. Many individuals who have retired recently turn to G-CMC to offer their skills and talents. We work with you to match your needs and skills with the various volunteer opportunities offered at the hospital.
G-CMC’s Junior Volunteer Program helps teens and young adults experience the real world. They see the hospital from the inside out, making life better for themselves, employees and patients alike. Our program provides a means to enable persons to observe health professionals at work, and thus to consider for themselves a variety of health related careers.

G-CMC Hospital’s auxilians assist the hospital primarily through fundraising and community relations efforts. For over 30 years, the Auxiliary has worked to promote and benefit the hospital and the community it serves. Membership is rewarding and enjoyable. It is also a great way to meet new friends and have fun. Women and men of all ages are welcome to join the Auxiliary.

Becoming a member of the Auxiliary provides you with the opportunity to work on one or more of the many fundraising events that benefit the hospital. You will derive satisfaction from knowing that your contributions of time and talent are helping to provide needed equipment to many hospital departments and necessary services to the patients and the community. In your volunteer role, you will have the chance to interact with the community, make new friends and have fun while contributing as much or as little time as your schedule allows!

G-CMC Auxiliary Fundraising events and projects include:

  • Hospital Gift Shop
  • Auxiliary’s Annual Reading and Tea
  • Fashion Shows
  • Raffles
  • Special Sales – Books/Jewelry/Flowers/Bake Goods/Candle
  • And many other events

G-CMC offers a program that allows college students considering a career in medicine first-hand experience in the healthcare field. Students can be stationed in the Emergency Trauma Center to gain understanding of the work and responsibilities of physicians and other healthcare practitioners in a modern hospital.