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What do I do about a sprained big toe?

Good morning, I think I have sprained or broken my big toe. I missed stepped last night – I have applied ice and did elevate it. This morning it is swollen still. What else can I do?

Answer provided by Jan Golden, DPM

Hello! My name is Dr. Jan Golden and I am podiatrist. I hope I can give you some good advice on your toe question. You did the right thing by icing it and staying off of it. If it continues to bother you and is still swollen, you should definitely have an X-ray done to make sure you did not fracture it. You can also try "buddy splinting" it to the next toe. You can use athletic tape to tape the 2 toes together. This will help stabilize it. Continue icing and elevating it for 20-30 minutes twice a day and take anti-inflammatories as needed for pain. Please feel free to contact me if you have any more questions. Dr. Golden 457-6540 121 Moosic Rd. Old Forge, Pa 18518